Birthday video for a friend, 2020

Rehearsal for Hamlet, Part 1, Vokes Players, 2010

A Streetcar Named Desire, Vokes Players, 2012

The Will of a Man, independent film, 2009

Rehearsal for Private Lives, Hovey Players, 2011

Rehearsal for The Pirates of Penzance, SST, 2012

Rehearsal for Hamlet, Part 2, Vokes Players, 2010

Rehearsal for Bus Stop, Vokes Players, 2011

Rehearsal for I Hate Hamlet, Walpole Footlighters, 2012

Fight Like a Pirate demo, Cambridge Center for Adult Education, 2012

Rehearsal for Richard III, Vokes Players, 2007

Rehearsal for Disgraced, Umbrella Center, 2017

Fight Call, Cyrano de Bergerac, Vokes 2015

Test for Disgraced, Umbrella Center, 2017

Rehearsal for Disgraced, Umbrella Center, 2017

Class exercise: Group pirate fight, Curry College, 2014

Blood Knife prop test, 2020



Copyright C.Cardoni 20209






Theatrical Firearams

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