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Vokes Players (unarmed)

Theatre@First (broadsword, shields, asstd. weapons, unarmed)

Vokes Players (fencing consultant)

Umbrella Arts Center (unarmed, firearms, blood effects, etc.)

Pine Street Players (consultant: unarmed, knife, firearms)

Mugford Street Players (sword)

Umbrella Arts Center (consultant: unarmed, etc.)

Hovey Players (unarmed)

Sudbury Savoyards (consultant: unarmed, knife)

Attleboro Community Theatre (sword)

Hovey Players (consultant - unarmed)

Footlight Club (unarmed)

Concord Players (unarmed)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed, knife)

Mugford Street Players (consultant: unarmed, garrote prop)

Umbrella Arts Center (unarmed)

Umbrella Arts Center (unarmed, knife)

Theatre@First (unarmed, various fantasy weapons)

Winnmere Family Theater (unarmed, various fantasy weapons)

Vokes Players (unarmed, comic props)

Concord Players (consultant: unarmed, daggers)

Vokes Players (unarmed)

Concord Players (unarmed, knife, swords)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed, firearms)

Concord Players (unarmed)

Hovey Players (unarmed, blood effects)

Concord Players (stair stumble/fall)

Rivers School (unarmed, various fantasy weapons)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed, sword)

Umbrella Arts Center (unarmed)

Vokes Players (unarmed, sword, dagger, staff)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed, sword, daggers)

Umbrella Arts Center (unarmed)

Acme Theater (unarmed, found objects)

Vokes Players (unarmed, cane)

Vokes Players (unarmed)

Nashoba Valley Technical High School (sword, shield, asstd.)

Acme Theater (unarmed, prop firearms)

Hovey Players (unarmed)

Umbrella Arts Center (firearms, unarmed)

Umbrella Arts Center (unarmed, found objects)

Vokes Players (rapier)

Gazebo Players (knife, unarmed)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed, firearms, blood)

Curry College (short sword, unarmed)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed, knife)

Acme Theater (knife, club, unarmed)

Theatre@First (knife, unarmed)

Umbrella Arts Center (unarmed)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed, firearms)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed)

Concord Players (unarmed, firearms, found objects)

Vokes Players (unarmed, knife)

Vokes Players (unarmed, firearms, stick)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed)

Acme Theater (unarmed, found objects)

Community Players of Pawtucket (single sword)

Hovey Players (unarmed, firearms)

Shrewsbury High School (rapier, unarmed)

Acme Theater (unarmed)

Vokes Players (unarmed, breakaways; also directed)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed)

Hovey Players (unarmed)

Walpole Footlighters (single sword)

Hovey Players (unarmed, found objects)

Vokes Players (unarmed)

Vokes Players (rapier, rapier/dagger, unarmed; also directed)

Curry College (rapier, rapier/dagger, broadsword, unarmed)

Vokes Players (unarmed)

Kingswood Regional High School (sword/shield, quarterstaff)

Curry College (unarmed)

Hovey Players (knife, unarmed, firearms)

Vokes Players (unarmed)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed, found objects)

Norwood High School (rapier/dagger, broadsword, unarmed, staff)

Vokes Players (sword/shield, dagger, unarmed)

Kingswood Regional High School (single sword)

Curry College (unarmed, dagger, staff, broadsword)

Salem Theatre Company (unarmed, dagger, broadsword)

Quannapowitt Players (unarmed, found objects, firearms)

Hovey Players (short sword, dagger, unarmed)

Hovey Players (smallsword, unarmed)

Kingswood Regional High School (unarmed, short sword)

Wellesley Players (unarmed, knife)

Atlantis Playmakers (unarmed; also directed)

Bay Colony Productions (rapier, unarmed)

Turtle Lane Playhouse (unarmed)

Turtle Lane Playhouse (stick, unarmed)

Walpole Children's Theatre (rapier)

Weston Friendly Society (single sword)

Newton Country Players (unarmed, blood effects; also directed)



Independent film directed by Brian Hutchings (unarmed)

Independent film directed by John Gardiner (rapier, unarmed)

Independent film directed by Chris Cardoni (unarmed, firearms)

Murder on the Orient Express

Henry V

The Price


Romeo & Juliet

I Hate Hamlet

Tuck Everlasting

The Lyons

12 Angry Jurors

I Hate Hamlet

Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train

Blood Relations

The Country House

Terra Nova


The Curious Incident...

A View from the Bridge

She Kills Monsters

She Kills Monsters

The Nance

Julius Caesar

Communicating Doors

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The 39 Steps

You Can't Take It With You

Looking For Normal

Noises Off!

She Kills Monsters

Moon Over Buffalo


King Lear

The Lion in Winter

Melancholy Play: A Chamber Musical


Death of a Salesman

Black Coffee

The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe

Dead Man's Cell Phone

Reasons to be Pretty

Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical

True West

Cyrano de Bergerac

Julius Caesar


Of Mice and Men

A Midsummer Nights Dream

Comic Potential

Fit To Kill

Henry 4

Angels in America: Peristroika

Criminal Hearts

Frankenstein 1930

Les Miserables

The Merchant of Venice

Sherlock Holmes

Duck Hunter Shoots Angel

American Buffalo

I Hate Hamlet

Dead Man's Cell Phone

Romeo & Juliet

Drop Dead

A Streetcar Named Desire



I Hate Hamlet

Private Lives

Bus Stop


Romeo & Juliet

Sweeney Todd

The Junkyard

To See The Stars


Born Yesterday

True West

Romeo & Juliet

Richard III

Now Playing The Part Of



Getting Away With Murder

A Midsummer Nights Dream

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

The Odyssey

To Kill A Mockingbird

Fool For Love

I Hate Hamlet



The King Stag

Singin In The Rain




Seven Days in July

The Will of a Man

Wollaston Beach I & II